Dragon Ball Spoilers

15 04 2008

Tim Van Rellim, Dragonball’s executive producer, had this to say over at Movieland. This has MAJOR PLOT SPOILERS if true.

Tim Van Rellim reveals that Goku dies in the first part of Dragonball … And in the beginning of the second

At least that’s what recently commented Tim Van Rellim, producer of Dragon Ball, in an exclusive chat in el Siglo of Durango, in which he spelled out precisely the death of the protagonist will be the beginning of the second part of the story, it it is also very likely to be recorded in Durango.

“Durango has been a phenomenal place to record. We had many sets and the truth never felt paparazzis or harassment of the press and elsewhere and in other productions. It is a very quiet place, we were treated very well, “he said.

The producer of the film confessed that three movies are scheduled for history, the second of which is in the process of planning. “It is not yet confirmed, but it is more than likely that the costs billed in this city will bring us back.”

Another source of production reported that the blue skies of Durango is another very important reason. “In New Zealand there are very similar skies, but the sets are infested with Power Rangers.”

“Dragon Ball was an experience. We are very happy to have held only time we plan. There were not many setbacks, as only surprises when we were recording in Mexiquillo, but those are go with the job. ”


When asked how long until the second part begins, the producer said he hoped to resume his post at the end of this year.

PREMIERES: Summer or October?

“We hurried, and the premiere will [hopefully] be in the summer or October at the latest.” (?)

It is now expected, because the following projects come with more purpose, i.e. with more shooting interiors than field. I hope to be back over here, we tried really hard [and it’s been] incredible. ”

The behavior of the members of the cast, the producer said that he noticed them excited, but that it would not deliver trials of its performance before the cameras.

“That it is up to the director. I saw them many times and could only say wonderful things from them, “he concluded.

Now if any one has followed the manga at all they know that characters would die all the time and be brought back with the Dragonballs so this news would not be that surprising. Though the talk of them already planning sequels is. Now I love the Dragon ball universe but from what I have seen so far from this film I am very afraid. I’ll have more on this with a special edition piece in the near future.




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