Fourth Wall 101

15 04 2008

Well this is the part where I am suppose to introduce myself. But instead I would rather introduce the site itself. This is Fourth Wall: A place for everything nerd minds and hearts desire. Here will be news on comics, films and video games. Also a lot of “opinion” pieces, but let’s be real, it would not be a blog with out those now would it.

I know your most likely thinking “oh god not another one of these.” But these are my views and opinions and I wish to share them. And I hope I can bring something new to this ever expanding media universe that people will enjoy.

Over the course of this sites tenure I’ll have a weekly piece that will review the geeky goodness that was released the week of and “Special Edition” articles talking about specific topics. Other members of the Fourth Wall team may write a few blogs as well. And that’s not all, hopefully in the near future there will be a companion podcast. So exciting.

So that’s the long and short of it. Like stated above more features are to come. So sit back and relax and let us give you a peak around the Fourth Wall.





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15 04 2008

Sounds cool dude, ill def bookmark

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