Issue 2 – Running Out Of Time?

17 04 2008

It was reported toady at Dark Horizons the supposed running times for two big releases this year, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull & The Dark Knight.

Now what caught my eye was this :

Responses to the articles have been interesting in that many seem surprisingly concerned about the Indy runtime, yet have absolutely no problem with a three-hour Batman. Very early buzz on Indy already warns to ‘keep your expectations in check’.

When did running times become limited only if the film is good or not? See I am of the mind that films should be shot and released as they should be, not dictated by “early buzz” or producers thinking that if the film is to long it won’t work. Now if a Director thinks it needs to go and it’s cut because of story or flow then I’m all for it.

Example: Lord of the rings, all three films almost 3 and a half hours and no one complains. But Indy 4 may go a little bit long and every one says it may “Hurt the film”. Films should not get special treatment, if one film gets to be released and be up to 3 hours I think all films should get the chance to, if that’s what the film makers want and see as the best way to tell a story then I don’t see how it will hurt, a bad film is still bad no matter how long or short it is (Oh and don’t get me started on the examples).

Though I agree films shouldn’t go on for ridiculous amounts of time I just think that if a final edit for a film lands at 2 hrs and 40 mins people should just let it play, it won’t hurt the film or cause any negative “buzz” it may in fact make it look better and be applauded for it’s “Artistic Story Telling” (Which is in basic terms media lingo meaning long film)

So the bottom line, Hollywood needs to relax. Your film will do as it should no matter how long it is. Let the people enjoy, hell that’s what we pay for anyway right?




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