The Doctor Is In

18 04 2008

Didn’t get to mention this in the last broadcast but The Doctor is back. Tonight (8:30 to be exact, it re-airs at 11, in case you missed it) marks the return of Doctor Who.

The forth season (or the season finale of the third, I’ll explain) begins with a 90-minute, big-budget episode that aired in Britain as a stand-alone Christmas special. The gimmick this time is that The Doctor, alone again after the departure of his latest companion, crashes into the Titanic — not the one from the movie but an alien spaceship, designed to resemble the original as it takes its passengers on a visit to a little hole in the wall known as Earth.

This should be a welcome release for anyone just starting in, but long time fans should hang on ’til The Doctor’s new companion arrives.

Doctor Who airs regularly on Fridays at 9 on Sci-Fi.




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