Justice League and Terminator? Not Looking Likely

19 04 2008

Dark Horizons ran a story today saying what may be the fate of the new Justice League and Terminator films.

Read the full story at the link above. While I am a little sad about the Terminator one (even though McG of “Charlie’s Angels” fame was directing it) I am glad that Warner Brothers finally realized that the Justice League film was not a good idea, not with that director (Gorge Miller) and supposed cast.

I just hope they wait with Justice until the Batman and Superman franchises at least get one more entry. Then after that if they find a good director and script, then I say they can’t go wrong.

But let this be a lesson to Warner Brothers, trying to rush Justice League just to capitalize on the money and not work on a good story, does not work. Lesson learned I hope.




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