NEW YORK COMIC CON: The Incredible Hulk

21 04 2008

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NEW YORK — Three scenes — including the appearance of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark — and the new trailer highlighted Universal Pictures’ The Incredible Hulk panel.

Following are highlights:

* Panelists include director Louis Leterrier and producers Kevin Feige and Gale Anne Hurd and Tim Roth, who plays Emil Bronsky.

* Craig Armstrong is doing the score in Seattle. “It’s Star Wars good,” Leterrier said.

* The final mix begins next week.

* Feige said nine-foot talk Hulks, like the one at the Marvel booth, will be in theaters beginning with the May 2 release of Iron Man.

* Feige said one of the biggest differences between this film and the previous Hulk movie is the villain. A clip of Roth was then shown as his character Emil Bronsky was injected with the super serum.

*Roth then joined the panel. “That’s the first time I’ve seen that. I look quite good like that,” he said of his character, strapped in and turned upside down.

Roth explained it’s the beginning of his character’s journey into getting the Hulk’s power.

Roth said he took the role quite seriously. “If you’re on a lunch box, your kids are going to want to have that happen. So I ran it past them, and they said, ‘Do it. Do it.'”

* Hurd praised the quality of the casts of all of Marvel’s movies and noted that Roth was the first actor the producers approached.

* Roth was not familiar with the Abomination nor Emil Bronsky and looked at the comic books for reserach. “You always have to look back and try to be true to it. It’s not Marlon Brando, but it has a certain flavor to it,” he said.

* Feige said the film needed a “big-ass fight” and “the Abomination is as big as they come.” He said the Hulk is actually an underdog because the Abomination is larger.

“Louis has put together one hell of a fight,” he said.

* Leterrier said there are many and long fights in the movie.

* Feige said that all of the images that Leterrier drew from the comics and posted behind his desk ultimately ended up in the movie.

* “Hulk: Gray is in it, Bruce Jones’ Hulk is in,” Leterrier added.

* Another clip was shown, set up by Leterrier, who noted the effects weren’t finished: “Welcome to the editing room, ladies and gentleman. The Hulk vs. Emil Bronsky.”

The scene shows Bruce Banner on the run from the army, trapped in a walkway and gassed. Transforming into Hulk, he is attacked by the army and plows through the guns, jeeps, tanks and military. Blonsky then fires a special weapon and the Hulk attacks him, but the juiced-up Blonsky avoids all of his blows.

“Is that it? Is that all you got?” Blonsky asks. The Hulk then kicks him as the scene abruptly ends.

“This time we promised ‘Hulk Smash!’ and you get ‘Hulk Smash!'” Hurd said.

* Leterrier said working with star Edward Norton was “great,” noting he wrote a draft of the screenplay from the original written by Zak Penn.

“At first I was really scared. I’m the guy who directed The Transporter,” he said. “I was afraid it would be like, ‘OK, Frenchie, move along.'”

* Asked about the possibility of The Avengers, Feige said it depends how the response to Iron Man and Hulk is. “But yes, I’d like to see that happen,” he said.

Roth said that Blonsky is a combat man, not a desk man. “But his body is running out and then he gets a glimpse of that (Hulk) and sees a way to extend his shelf life,” Roth said.

* Asked about Tony Stark and Nick Fury being in Hulk, Feige said there are some rumors that are not true, some that are close to the truth and fans will find out soon enough.

* Leterrier noted the color of the serum injected into Blonsky were “Captain America colors.”

* Hurd was in the ADR session with Edward Norton on Monday and said there are no problems between the actor and the filmmakers, as reported. “He is 100 percent behind this movie,” she said.

* A fan asked, does the Hulk talk? Leterrier asked what words the fan wanted to hear the Hulk say. “Hulk smash,” the fan responded.

“I think we should put that in the movie,” Leterrier said with a grin.

* Leterrier said a good part about CG is that enhancements can constantly be made, especially in fight scenes, like adding helicopters in New York.

* Roth and Leterrier said that motion capture and facial capture were used for the Abomination. “For quite a few weeks, we just worked on movement, experimenting on different ways the monster would move,” Roth said.

* Leterrier said the TV show was very popular when he was growing up in France. “There was a guy called Lou Ferrigno, who was in it…

Ferrigno then joined the panel and posed. “You see what I started,” Ferrigno said.

“I’m very excited to be part of the film. And I’m more excited that they’re taking it to another level.”

Leterrier said he wanted Ferrigno to have more than a walk-on and have a real part. “It’s very funny,” he said.

* Ferrigno reminded the audience that the provided the character’s voice in UPN’s animated series. He bellowed a “Hulk smash!” and Leterrier offered him the gig for the movie.

* Feige said there were elements of Ang Lee’s Hulk that were very true to the Hulk comics. “There are different elements of this film that will be very true to different elements of the comics,” he said.

* A world premiere on the new trailer was then shown — in unfinished form. It will be attached to Iron Man.

* After the trailer, a short scene featuring Thunderbolt Ross and Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr.). was shown. “That should clear up one of the rumors you’ve been reading on the Internet,” Feige said.




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