A Whole Bunch of New Goodies!

18 05 2008

OK, a lot of news came out the past few days so I’m just going to do it all in one post so we can all catch up. Don’t lose track now:

First up, Superherohype reports that the Dark Night Coaster is now open at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. The ride is based on the new movie and has guest trying to escape the Jokers clutches in this new “Dark Ride”.

dbthemovie.com scored some really nice scans from a japanese magazine that gives us a really good look at Bulma and Goku:

Also from Superherohype, according to an unconfirmed scoop Spider-Man 4 & 5 may be shot back to back. Interesting, check out more at the link above.

The teaser poster is out for Punisher: War Zone

Meh I’m iffy on this one. Guess We’ll wait and see.

Batman-on-film.com got their hands on a new Joker poster. Pretty F’ing sweet.

Gamespot has some new details about Guitar Hero 4 and man oh man does it sound sweet ass.

Dark Horizons has an interesting story saying that after Battlestar Galactica finishes it’s last season there will be 3 more TV films after that. All will be based before the event’s of the final season. Man seems like people can’t get enough of Battlestar, I know I can’t.

And finally a new promo for Heroes Season 3 has shown up: Nothing new really, just some of the cast talking about how awesome it’s going to be. Like we didn’t already know that.

That about covers it. We’ll go over some of this news on the next podcast which should be up tomorrow




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