Caprica Casting Updates

18 05 2008

We talked about this a bit in the last ‘cast, but here’s a more in-depth overview:

The story will revolve around Bill Adama (Edward James Olmos)’s father, William Adama (played by Esai Morales, Jericho), a reknowned civil liberties lawyer (and the inspiration for Lee’s push for the law and politics) who is locked in battle against the Graystones, a corporate behemoth responsible for the development and creation of the first Cylons.

Eric Stoltz (Pulp Fiction, and about a dozen other indie flicks) will also join the cast as Daniel Greystone, the deeply flawed human creator of the Cylons, who finds himself in a moral battle with Joseph Adama.

Stolz’s character will be married to surgeon Amanda Greystone (Lost and Deadwood‘s Paula Malcomson), surgeon and wife to the inventor of the first Cylon prototype; as well as the mother to teenage Zoe (played by relative newcomer Alessandra Toressani), whose exploits kick-start the action of the pilot.

More to come…

This just in, Rome’s Polly Walker, is the latest to join the cast. She’ll play Sister Clarice Willow, an eloquent (and knowing Walker’s characters, duplicitous) high priestess and headmistress of a private religious school.




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