Steven Moffat Takes The Reigns

20 05 2008

The BBC‘s just announced that Steven Moffat (Creator of Coupling & Jekyll as well as writer of the following episodes: “The Empty Child”/”The Doctor Dances” of Season 1, “The Girl in the Fireplace” in Season 2, and Season 3’s “Blink”) will replace Russell T. Davies as the “Doctor Who” showrunner when the show returns in 2010 for its fourth season.

(David Tennant, the current Doctor, will star in Hamlet for the RSC with Patrick Stewart; while we wait, four TV movies are planned to air in 2009.)

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. YES!!!

Now don’t get me wrong, Davies gets the lion’s share of credit for how well he remade the series while maintaining key elements the fans loved.

(Hell, without him I wouldn’t have even heard of the Doctor.)

But Moffat’s episodes have been the highlight of each and every season of the new series — “Blink” being the one of best episodes in Sci-Fi history.

So the only concern now is wherever or not he pull it off, and on a consistent basis ’cause one or two episodes is easy; a whole season is a whole other story.




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