In Memoriam

26 05 2008

We would like to take this time to honor all the soldiers that lost their lives in service of this country.

We honor their sacrifice and we will never forget what they’ve done for us.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to them and their families, as well as all soldiers serving abroad, on this Memorial Day.

So while you’re enjoying your day off, please take a moment to stop what you’re doing and observe.

Thank you.


UPDATE: If you’re willing to go the extra mile, go to and send some comics to some needy soldiers.

Or if you’re in Florida (mainly the Winter Park area) visit “A Comic Shop” on 114 S. Semoran Blvd, Suite 6 and join Operation Sequential Art and do it in person.

More info here.




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26 05 2008

Memorial Day Sonnet

If Liberty means anything to me,
I will remember what my freedom cost,
By those who gave their all to keep me free,
Whose lives were sacrificed, but never lost.
I will remind myself of what they did,
And keep them dearly cherished in my heart;
Their honor never from me shall be hid
And I will know they always did their part
To save our nation and its people here,
To pledge their lives in defense of our ways,
To show that freedom always outlives fear,
And sacrifice is hallowed all our days.
If Liberty means anything to me,
I will remember those who kept me free.

© John Stuart 2008
Pastor at Erin Presbyterian Church,
Knoxville, Tennessee

Audio at:
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