Parlapanides’ Death Note and Steve Niles’ Zune Comic?

3 06 2008

Here a couple of weird bits of news that was released recently:

1. Vertigo Films (the people behind The Grudge, Dark Water, The Lake House, Shutter, The Eye, etc.) have hired Vlas and Charles Parlapanides (who are friends with comic book writer Greg Pak) to write an American live-action remake of the Japanese film, “Death Note.”

This sounds awful. I would much rather watch Hideo Nakata’s new Death Note movie entitled “L: Change the World.” Even though, it is supposed to be pretty bad itself.

L Change The World

Hopefully, the American “Death Note” remake will not actually get made, kind of like the “Battle Royale” remake that New Line wanted to do a couple of years ago. All we can do is pray to Kira.

2. Steve Niles (writer of 30 Days of Night) is writing a graphic novel entitled “The Lost Ones” for Zune Arts. Here a quote from the press release:

“The Lost Ones” chronicles the adventures of Duncan, Roxy, Rasheed and Cynthia, who leave their Earth and are swept up in an epic intergalactic adventure. A different graphic artist will illustrate each of the four chapters, creating a genre-bending take on visual storytelling.

It’s cool to see that Mr. Niles is trying some new things stylisticly. I’m sure he’s loving that sweet Microsoft Zune paycheck! I can’t wait until Alan Moore starts writing magical iPod comics!

“The Lost Ones” is supposed to be released some time this month, so keep an eye out for it!




5 responses

16 10 2008

i’m so love death note. but why death note movie and comic have different. In the movie Kira is death and in the comic L is death. i think that a big mistake. because producer of death note is not consistent.

25 03 2009

They both die in the anime and manga. I think in the movie Light dies before L and in the anime L dies before Light. They die in the same way though.

24 10 2009
Yu Shwe Yee Aye

In the movie, L died.I’m sad, I’m from L’side. Kira is sel-fish, he even killed his girl,Shiroyih. In comics besides L, also M,N appear.But I like only L.Love u,L.

2 12 2009

yeah.they both sad about it..hope there’ll be a continuation…..

20 12 2009
serry ermawatty

“I juST wANNa saY…………”L”………cOOl………

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