Spider-Man Web Of Shadows Preview

9 06 2008

Gamespot today snagged a preview for the game Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. Heres a clip about the story:

“His arch nemesis Venom is back, and this time, the symbiote-powered villain has figured out a nasty new trick: infecting civilians to create clones of himself. Our friendly neighborhood hero is a bit slow to catch on, so before you know it, the city and its residents are under siege. The level of threat presented by the symbiote infection leads local law enforcement to call in SHIELD to help get things under control. Unfortunately, the counterterrorism and intelligence agency’s solution is a mixed blessing: Manhattan is quarantined and cut off from the outside world, leaving those inside to fend for themselves. The good news is New York is fairly overflowing with heroes (and more than a few villains); the bad news is recent events have left the city in chaos resulting in a hefty “to do” list for Spidey. To save the day, Spidey will have to assist SHIELD in evacuating the uninfected, as well as work with both heroes and villains to fend off the symbiotes. He’ll also have track down Venom and figure out how to undo the symbiote infection running rampant. If all that wasn’t enough, Spidey has a bit of extra incentive to deal with the symbiote infection problem: He’s been reinfected himself. While this makes for an epically bad day for Spidey, it’s fertile ground for the game’s premise.”

See a preview of the game along with some screen shots at the link above.

Hmm sounds a lot like the recent “Venom Infection” arc in Mighty Avengers. The game sounds interesting, we’ll have more info as the game comes closer to it’s release this fall for the DS, PC, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PSP, Wii, and Xbox 360.



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14 06 2008

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