July TV Premiere Dates

1 07 2008

Straight for Ain’t it Cool News:

First 48 (A&E) July 1
Secret Life of the American Teenager (ABC Family) July 1
Mabe In America (CMT) July 4
I Love Money (VH1) July 6

Not Going Out (BBCA) July 8
Baldwin Hills (BET) July 8
Ghost Hunters (SciFi) July 9
Scare Tactics (SciFi) July 9
Greatest American Dog (CBS) July 10
Works, The (History) July 10
Burn Notice (USA) July 10
Ashleigh Page: Bikini or Bust (TLC) July 11
Country Fired Home Videos (CMT) July 11
Flashpoint (CBS) July 11
Stargate Atlantis (SciFi) July 11
Big Brother (CBS) July 13
Brooke Knows Best (VH1) July 13
Generation Kill (HBO) July 13
Closer, The (TNT) July 14
Saving Grace (TNT) July 14
Top Gear (BBCA) July 14
Hurl (G4) July 15
Rock The Reception (TLC) July 15
Say Yes To The Dress (TLC) July 15
Cleaner, The (A&E) July 15
From Gs to Gents (MTV) July 15
Dog The Bounty Hunter (A&E) July 16
Family Foreman (TV Land) July 16
Project Runway (Bravo) July 16
Run’s House (MTV) July 16
Gong Show (CC) July 17
Reality Bites Back (CC) July 17
Monk (USA) July 18
Psych (USA) July 18
High School Musical: Get In The Picture (ABC) July 20
Date My Ex (Bravo) July 21
Wanna Bet? (ABC) July 21
General Hospital: Night Shift (SoapNet) July 22
How To Look Good Naked (Lifetime) July 22
Jingles (CBS) July 27
Mad Men (AMC) July 27
Paranormal State (A&E) July 28
Eureka (SciFi) July 29
Root of All Evil (CC) July 30




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