A Few Bit’s of News

16 07 2008

First up in film:

It would appear that the Robocop remake we have been talking about in fact is not a remake at all, according to Dark Horizons the film ,to be directed by Darren Aronofsky, is a direct sequal to the first three films set 20 years into the future of that universe.

This news is a breath of fresh air, as I stated before I didn’t think a remake to the original was necessary but now knowing that it’s not makes me really excited to see what Darren can come up with.

Next Up, the first trailer for the McG directed Terminator Salvation has gone online here.

Pretty good for a teaser.

In games :

Don’t forget to get caught up on E3 Day 2 Here.

In Comics:

All of us at Fourth Wall would like to congratulate the guys over at A Comic Shop in Winter Park, FL for winning best Comic Book shop in Orlando 2008!

To Check out more from those guys head over to Acomicshop.com

And lastly keep your eye’s peeled for a new Fourth Wall Special Edition on the Batman films. Every one will be able to enjoy that tonight.




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