A little more Kick-Ass?

22 08 2008

Just a few days after our interview with Mark Millar, where he revealed that Dave Lizewski (the main character of Kick-Ass) has been cast, we now have the actor’s name!

Thanks to the The Hollywood Reporter we now know that the actor portraying Dave Lizewski will be Aaron Johnson. But that’s not all, Nicolas Cage and Lyndsy Fonseca have joined the cast as well.

Cage will play a ex-cop who trains his daughter (Chole Mortez) to be a merchant of death. Lyndsy will play the object of Dave’s affection, only problem is she thinks he’s gay.

I’m excited with the casting my self, I think this film will be something to keep an eye on as the production goes on. Though it does suck that these characters are being revealed before they are in the comic but I’m sure it won’t ruin it in anyway.

I just want to thank Superherohype again for running our story when we got the Millar interview, definitely check out their site for other comic book film news.




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