Fourth Wall Interviews: Justin Shady and Erik Rose

24 09 2008

So here we are, Fred and I, standing on the edge, ready to dive right into the interview pool with this latest podcast. Now the Fourth Wall’s done this all before with Freddie and Jesse’s interviews with such greats like Brian Reed, Cully Hamner, and Mark Millar & Tony Harris, but this is our first attempt at a full-length interview.

By the way, did I mention that this was the first two-on-two interview we would be doing– Not to mention my first interview ever…

This time we’re joined by Justin Shady and Erik Rose, the creative team behind The Roberts, to talk about the book, what projects they have in the works, and pretty much what it takes to come up with a story about serial killers in a retirement home.

Since this interview is about six times longer than our average ones, it’s a bigger piece to digest, but don’t let that detract you. Listen to the whole thing, all sixty-plus minutes of it, and get to know two of Image Comics latest rising stars.

Update: Now with added minute markers, in case you lose your place or you feel the need to skip ahead to a favorite topic.

The Breakdown

start – 6:42: Intro/Who’s Wayne Chinsang and how does he know Justin?/And how the guys got their respective starts: First Justin’s.
6:43 – 9:55: Then Eric’s backstory and where does Lloyd Kaufman fit into all of this?
9:56 – 17:26: What is The Roberts and how did the guys come up with it?
17:27 – 27:42: The overwhelming feedback for the book/ The overall tone of the book
27:43 – 38:32: Influences: From Garfield to Animals / The Roberts Theme Song and Musical
38:33 – 42:32: The secret behind the Jorge Garcia and the Richard Ramirez quotes
42:33 – 46:55: Serial killers in general
46:56 – 51:28: Justin’s earlier work: Heaven, LLC and Bad Ideas
51:29 – 53:54: Tales from Image Comics
53:55 – 56:37: Upcoming Convention News (Dallas*Con) and why you should consider painting a comic with human blood
56:38 – 1:03:56: Advice for the aspired / Mainstream stuff the guys might want to work on
1:03:57 – end: Wrap Up/Justin’s latest: Missing The Boat/ More upcomings from Erik/ Release Date of Issue 2 of The Roberts/ and The Good Goodbyes.


For more information about The Roberts, you can visit the book’s MySpace page and/or the Facebook page.

And if you want to learn more about the men behind The Roberts, you can go onto Erik Rose’s website, their respective MySpace pages: Justin’s or Erik’s, or the website for Tastes Like Chicken.




One response

24 09 2008

Thanks for the opportunity, fellas! Erik and I had a great time, and hopefully we’ll be welcomed back some day.

Probably NOT, but hopefully.



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