Fourth Wall Presents… Sidecast!

17 10 2008

Guess what guys? We’ve got a brand new addition to the Fourth Wall Universe called Sidecast!

What are these Sidecasts you say? Well, let me explain.

They are shorter podcasts with opinions and reviews of different things that we at The Fourth Wall are reading, playing or watching.

Just something a little extra for you guys.

The first three episodes feature Jesse and new time staffer Handsome Dan:

Fourth Wall Sidecast #1

In the first episode of Sidecast, it’s Handsome Dan tag teaming with Jesse to take on Uwe Boll! The duo go over a few of his films and see if their as bad as every one says.

Fourth Wall Sidecast #2

Handsome Dan and Jesse journey into the “Mindscape of Alan Moore“.

Fourth Wall Sidecast #3

In this episode Jesse and Handsome Dan talk about the Bill Maher documentary “Religulous“.




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