Fourth Wall Sidecast #7 – Election Day

4 11 2008

In the seventh installment, Art goes rouge and talks about politics and what it means to exercise your rights.

Fourth Wall Sidecast #7

Giving credit where credit’s due:

These four are the most articulate, most outspoken people I know. They are my teachers and everyday I learn something new and exciting from each and every one of them. Reading their words and living by their example has allowed me to present this opinionated podcast to you tonight.

Thank you guys.

A few addendums:

  1. Sorry about the whispering/low talking — still getting over something. I should be returning to my normal speaking voice when the next podcast rolls around.
  2. With all the research and fact checking I did, I messed up on the definition of antidisestablishmentarianism. What I meant to say is disestablishmentarianism (separation of church and state; put “anti” in front of that and you’ve got the opposition to said movement).



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4 11 2008


6 11 2008

Be more Hunter S. Thompsony!!!

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