2009 TV Premieres – Winter/Spring Schedule

3 01 2009

Special Thanks to AICN for providing this list first.

The Office (NBC) Feb. 1
Chuck (NBC) Feb. 2
Heroes (NBC) Feb. 2
Medium (NBC) Feb. 2
Dog The Bounty Hunter (A&E) Feb. 4
Exterminators (A&E) Feb. 4
Life (NBC) Feb. 4
Jockeys (Animal Planet) Feb. 6
XIII (NBC) Feb. 8
Millionaire Matchmaker (Bravo) Feb. 12
Survivor (CBS) Feb. 12
Dollhouse (Fox) Feb. 13
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Fox) Feb. 13
Amazing Race (CBS) Feb. 15
East Bound And Down (HBO) Feb. 15
High School Reunion (TV Land) Feb. 18

Celebrity Apprentice (NBC) March 1
America’s Next Top Model (CW) March 4
Castle (ABC) March 9
Jail (MyNet) March 10
Street Patrol (MyNet) March 10
South Park (CC) March 11
Reno 911 (CC) March 12
Dancing With The Stars (ABC) March 17
Reaper (CW) March 17
Kings (NBC) March 19
Cupid (ABC) March 24

Unusuals (ABC) April 8
Harper’s Island (CBS) April 9




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12 01 2009

Important Things: Demitri Martin on Comedy Central February 11th, 2009.

12 01 2009
State of the Art

Wasn’t on the AICN list, but it definitely should’ve been. It’s always a good time when Demitri Martin’s on the small screen…

18 01 2009

the premise of True Beauty proves yet again that Ashton Kutcher is an entertainment genius

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