Fourth Wall Interviews: Justin Shady, Dwellephant and Erik Rose

17 02 2009



ART here. Just finished putting, well, the finishing touches on our latest full-length interview with…guess who, The Creative Team behind The Roberts. Yep, after 5 months since issue #1 of The Roberts came out, we sat down again with Justin and Erik for nearly 50 minutes of R-Rated fun (although I believe the first 10 minutes where we touch on the plot for Missing The Boat is pretty clean).

Speaking of which, we’re also joined by Dwellephant, the artist behind Missing The Boat, so now we’ve got a whole ‘nother creative team…all in the same podcast. Amazing, no?

So if you’re on the fence about checking out either one of these trades (Missing The Boat & The Roberts are in stores now for the low low price of under $20 per graphic novel) please give this a listen.

The Interview


For more information about The Roberts, you can visit the book’s MySpace page and/or the Facebook page.

If you’re a blogger, why don’t you head over to the Dwellephant and Shady blogs…

Myspace fans, you can check their respective pages: Justin’s, Erik’s, and Dwellephant’s or the website for Tastes Like Chicken.

And if you want to learn more about the men behind both Missing The Boat and The Roberts, you can go onto Erik Rose’s website, Dwellephant’s website, and Justin Shady’s website.




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