Fourth Wall Special Edition: Eric Powell Transcript

20 02 2009


At this month’s New York Comic-Con, Fourth Wall member Danny had a chance to ask Eric Powell a few questions about what he has coming up. Powell’s best known for being the creator of Dark Horse’s The Goon, which included the infamous Satan Sodomy Baby issue.

Danny: First thing I think everyone is wondering about is the Goon movie. Is it any further along? How’s the script coming? Have you had a lot of insight on what’s going on with that film?

Eric Powell: Yeah, they’re keeping me involved with that whole process and being great about wanting my input. We’re working on the story. Blur [Studios] has done some test animation which looks amazing. And that’s about where we are right now. We’re still in the very preliminary stages and I’m very excited about it.

D: Internet Movie Database lists the movie right now for 2010. Is that about when we can expect to see it?

EP: I have no idea where they got that.

D: Have there been any thoughts on casting for the voice of Goon or any other characters.

EP: There are some people that we are very interested in using. We’re talking to them, but we can’t say anything right now. I’m pretty hopeful that they’ll be on board. The interest seems pretty high right now so I’m excited.

D: I’m sure you can’t say who, but is it someone lesser known or one we might recognize? Is it someone known for voice acting or a Hollywood actor?

EP: I think when we announce it everyone will know who they are.

D: How are the Goon comics going?

EP: Well I’m working on the film stuff right now which is taking me away from the comics a little bit, not much, still we have a 10th Anniversary issue coming out in March… It’s a double sized issue with pin-ups by some people who influenced me like Mike Mignola, Bernie Wrightson, Jeff Smith, and Kevin Nowlan. I’m really excited about it. It kind of blows my mind a little but that it’s been around ten years. When it first came out I didn’t think anything was going to happen with it. For it to stick around this long has been really great.

D: Are there going to be any new stories in it?

EP: It’s 32 pages of new material. We’ve got a little sketchbook section there. So it’s all double sized story with some extra content that’s pretty special. Something cool for the fans that I have.

D: One of the things that interested me that I really loved were the Superman issues you did. And I was wondering if there are any other superhero thing you might have planned with DC or Marvel?

EP: I’m really happy doing the Goon right now so I don’t think there will be alot of other material. I think they just announced so it’s ok to say: I will be doing a short story in House of Mystery for Vertigo. And I have some cover work that’s still in the pipe line. But I think that other then cover work I’m sticking mainly to the Goon.

D: Also you’re doing covers for Creepy [for Dark Horse]?

EP: I’m doing some cover for Creepy. Yes.

D: So what is your involvement in that. I understand you did the character designs [for the book]. And what is that title? I’m not familiar with the series?

EP: Well, they’re bringing back the old Warren Creepy magazine from the 70s. They’re kind of revamping it and putting a new spin on it and creating a larger family of characters other than just Uncle Creepy. And I designed those characters that their going to be using. And I did a poster that they’re giving away here [at New York comic Con]. And I’ll be doing some covers for them down the road. I’m looking forward to it; I just wanna paint some really good classic horror covers.

D: But you’re not doing the actual issues? Just the covers?

EP: Just cover work.

D: Last I wanted to ask you about a roller derby you’re involved with. It’s in Tennessee right?

EP: Yeah, Nashville

D: I was just wondering if you can tell us anything about that. What’s your involvement? If anyone has an interest in checking that out, what can they do?

EP: I got involved just because I thought it would be a fun thing to sponsor. You’ve seen the bit, you Goon and roller derby. So, I got in contact with them, starting sponsoring them… and that lead to me doing their ballot posters which has been alot of fun. If you want to look them up you can go to And I’m really happy to be involved with them. They’re such great people and yeah I’m just had a blast doing their stuff.

D: If anyone wants to check out your work is there a place they can go?

EP: Yeah, We’ve got little features on there. Webstore. All that kind of stuff.




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