Comics Reviews of the Week: 4/29/2009

6 05 2009

Another week off, so here we go again with the placefillers. Now in lightning fast mode.

Uncanny X-Men #509

Uncanny X-Men #509

Last time I did a review of Green Lantern book so thought I would mix it up this time with Matt Fraction’s Uncanny X-Men.

There is so much going on in each issue of these books you would think it would be hard to follow, but in fact it all flows together very well and it’s one of the things that makes it a constant read.

The art by Greg Land is (as always) beautiful and makes the X-Men look great. It’s just good to see the dynamic of things in this universe, with them being in San Francisco and the huge bombshell of a mutant reproduction resignation that occurs in this issue there is so much heart and character it’s hard not to like it. I mean, just look at the moments with Scott & Emma or Scott with the young mutants… Just gold.

Another great thing is the cliffhanger featuring everyone’s favorite clawed mutant.

Uncanny X-Men is on par with Astonishing X-Men in that it gets the characters so well that you feel truly satisfied when you read it. Case in point, if you love the X-Men (and I don’t just mean Wolverine) then I don’t see why you’re not reading this. And even if your not, read one issue of this and that will change very fast.



Phonogram: The Singles Club #2

Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Jamie McKelvie, Emma Vieceli, Daniel Heard
Colors by Matthew Wilson, Emma Vieceli, Daniel Heard
Letters by Jamie McKelvie

I love Phonogram…just not this issue. If you don’t already know, the basic idea behind this series is “Music is magic.” If you’d like a more detailed description go here.  I thought about not writing a review for this, in order to follow the “If you can’t say anything nice…” rule, but I waited almost five months for this book and I’ll have my say! Anywho…yes, McKelvie, Vieceli, and Heard’s art all looked beautiful in this issue. The problem, for me, lied within the story.

The backup stories, “Wuthering Heights” and “The Singer” were interesting but didn’t reach the brilliance of “She Who Bleeds For Your Entertainment” which appeared in issue #1. This was not my main concern.

In this issue, we learned why Marquis was so rude to Penny B. in the first issue. He was remembering a past lover, presumably because the song “Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death from Above” starts playing at the club. His lovers name is never revealed to us, although we do get a nine page flashback sequence with her.

My two gripes with this issue are this:

1. Why is Marquis so emotional because of the memories of this pink haired girl? Gillen doesn’t tell us. Is it simply because she is a phonomancer? Or is it because she likes to dance, speaks broken English, loves to say “Shieet”, and has sex in pubic bathrooms?

2. Why does Mr. Gillen think that My Chemical Romance are an Emo band? I hoped that since Phonogram’s plot completely revolves around music, the characters within it would speak like people who have a great knowledge of musical genres.

Note: Rites of Spring and Jawbreaker were “Emo.” My Chemical Romance is not. Here is a quote from MCR’s lead singer, Gerard Way (not Gerald Way): “I think emo is fucking garbage, it’s bullshit.”

In conclusion, I wish we would have seen more back story with Marquis and the pink haired girl, and I wish Mr. Gillen would hire me as a fact/spell checker. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed this issue immensely more than most comics that came out this week. It just seemed a little out of tune. Hopefully, it won’t be another five months before I get to pick apart Phonogram: The Singles Club #3.

– Freddie

The GOOD, BETTER, BEST of the Week by Arthur

Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #4

Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #4

In the GOOD column this week is Geoff Johns’s Legion of 3 Worlds #4 (of 5). And as much as I liked most of the goings-on in this issue, it automatically gets the bronze for its crazy delays.

[Come on, it’s a mini-series about Final Crisis and that shit’s been over for the past three months, and an important one too since it deals with Superman and his part in helping with the heroes and Bart Allen appearence in Flash: Rebirth, which is kinda a big deal in certain circles and makes his scene in the aforementioned title seem kinda weird.  Plus a whole bunch of editoral mistakes (like a sketch of Superboy showing up a month earlier) and studder steps (and the obvious scheduling problems) that if I really get into them, I’ll drop this book right off this list.]

But the stuff I liked — the Geoff Johns crazy awesome writing and the George Perez “best-art-of-the-week” — I really liked.

Dark Reign: The Cabal

Dark Reign: The Cabal

Generally I’m not a fan of events in comics much like I’m not a fan of limited time only flavors for drinks I like. (Damn you Crystal Pepsi!!!)

But The Cabal is the exceptation to the rule.

Now I’ve dancing around the overall idea of [dramatic voice] DARK REIGN!!! [/dramatic voice] off and on for several months during the podcast but Dark Reign: The Cabal — which features stories by Matt Fraction, Rick Remender, Peter Miligan and Kieron Gillen — has calmed me down (for at least a week). Anyways, this is a collection of 5 short stories about each of the members of Norman Osborn’s clubhouse, but the highlight of the book has got to be Jonathan Hickman’s, which really answered a lot of my doubts behind why Dr. Doom is playing along with this crazy plan by Gwen Stacy killing/Green Goblin-but-not-Green Goblin Norman Osborn.

Blackest Night #0

Blackest Night #0

Hope you managed to get this on Saturday ’cause I have to say this was totally worth it if you’re a Green Lantern fan (or just like the DCU in general).

Granted it’s a hard sell (strange since the cover price is a dollar) since this isn’t the type of Free Comics Day book you normally see on the shelves (it’s really more of a title for fans who are currently reading other Geoff Johns books…and if I saying that for this book, then Legion of 3 Worlds…), but totally worth the price of admission since this is the teaser to the biggest blockbuster not in theaters.




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