Comics Reviews of the Week: 5/6/2009

11 05 2009
Destroyer #2

Destroyer #2

Story by Robert Kirkman
Art by Cory Walker
Colors by Val Staples
Letters by Rus Wooton
Cover by Jason Pearson

I bet Stan Lee never imagined The Destroyer ripping the head off of a sexy robot lady and then punting it like a soccer ball…I’m just guessing.

Thank God we’ve got Robert Kirkman these days. He has taken this Golden Age character and given him a kick-ass, ultraviolent, Marvel Max spin.

Judging by the cover of this issue, you’d expect to see an epic Destroyer vs. giant purple monster battle. Sorry to disappoint…we don’t. Kirkman doesn’t waste time with that kinda B.S.

Instead in this issue, (now with handy parentheticals, in case you haven’t been reading this book)  we see Keen Marlow (The Destroyer) attending the funeral of his brother, (Who he killed in issue #1) snapping Doctor Devastation’s neck at a country club, and taking on Techtronica (the aforementioned sexy, robot lady). Because you see, The Destroyer is now an old man with a weak heart and he’s hell bent on killing all the remaining big baddies before he retires from the superhero business for good.

Sure, you’ve probably seen a similar plot before. (Old cop has to solve one last case before retiring from the police force, for example) Does that mean that you shouldn’t read this book? Hell. No.

Cory Walker’s (Invincible) art looks fantastic. Val Staples’s (Battle Pope, The Irredeemable Ant-Man) colors are a grey-haired, blood-soaked, exploding good time, and Robert Kirkman’s scripts are a great mix of plot/character development and over the top action. Kirkman has stated that The Destroyer is his favorite thing he’s ever done at Marvel, and personally, I couldn’t agree more. Although, this might be his last, ( so enjoy it while you can. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had so much fun watching a senior citizen punch people.

– Freddie

by Arthur

Power Girl #1

Power Girl #1

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by this.

And that’s saying a lot since this series had many things going against it since I never was really a big fan of PG (always hated that nickname) or her ever-changing backstory (her origins changed more than certain fashion styles; she was Kryptonian, she wasn’t Kryptonian, then she became Power Girl full-time, then she was Atlantean, then not, etc.) or the fact that the 8 page preview was in, like, every DC book I read (seriously, DC…that’s overkill).

One highlight is the revamped story of Power Girl’s Karen Starr identity and her ability to rock a business suit.

Another is the team. Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray don’t get much credit because they don’t crank out the blockbusters hits, but their work should really be sought out, (seriously kids, read those Jonah Hex trades). And Amanda Conner’s art is pitch-perfect for this title. Easily the best art of the past week right there.

And (just wrapping up the highlights) this is an unique piece of work and I’d love to see this book to stick around for a good, long while…long enough for everybody to realize just how great a talent Ms. Conner really is.

Supergirl: Cosmic

Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade #6 (of 6)

There’s not too many all-ages books out there these days.

There’s a couple dozen kids titles I can mention, but all-ages…that’s a different story.

This is a review about a good one.

The final issue (ever?) of the Supergirl ends well and even manages to sum the overall craziness of the DC multiverse in a way that even kids can understand.

And speaking of summations, here’s one for the issue: Mr. Mxyzptlk (the big bad of the book) reveals his plans to our heroine, including how the series came to be, and Supergirl (with a little help for her friends) manages to save the day.

I really love this series (I tried to mention it as much as possible on the podcast), and let me count the reasons why.

It’s entertaining (fun for the whole family), it’s simple (easy for everybody to follow), and it’s awesome (self-explanatory).

Atomic Robo: The Shadow From Beyond Time #1

Atomic Robo: The Shadow From Beyond Time #1

Pound for pound, one of the cheekiest and most entertaining things in the comics industry.

My only gripe is that it took me so long to start reading it (thanks Free Comic Book Day).

So if you like alternate universes in which a snarky, kick-ass robot meets up with Howard Phillips Lovecraft, you’ll love the works of Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener.




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