The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 72

4 01 2010

Show Notes:
The Fourth Wall Podcast is back and better than ever with our coverage on last week’s Indy Comic Book Week extravaganza. We spent the past few days narrowing down all the titles and picking our favorites and we’ve got our top three books.

But that’s just to start with.

We also have reviews of all the indies we missed out during our winter hiatus and wrapping it all up, the boys sum up 2009 with our (indie) year in review, so if you’re a Fourth Wall Faithful or just joining us for the first time, be sure to check this week’s Fourth Wall Comics Podcast above.

Lastly, we would like to say thank you to the geniuses that came with this wonderful idea, thanks to all the creators that shared with us their creations and gave us something to talk about, and thanks to all the supporters of ICBW.

Here’s to 2010 and to next year’s ICBW.

The List

Indy Comic Book Week Exclusives
[02:11] Senryu
[05:51] Indego Blue
[09:35] The God of Rock

[13:49] Forgetless #1
[18:11] Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows #2
[21:50] Buffy: Willow (One-Shot)
[25:21] Beasts of Burden #4
[29:46] The Last Days of American Crime #1
[35:06] Underground #4
[37:09] Dingo #1

2009: The Best in All Things Indie
[0:39:10] The Muppet Show
[0:40:36] Chew
[0:41:39] Atomic Robo
[0:42:27] Hector Plasm
[0:43:01] Hexed
[0:43:41] 30 Days of Night: 30 Days ’til Death
[0:44:58] Sweet Tooth
[0:45:57] Parker: The Hunted
[0:47:34] 100 Bullets
[0:48:52] Scalped
[0:50:04] Pixu: The Mark of Evil
[0:52:14] Frankstein’s Womb
[0:53:19] Viking
[0:55:47] A quick digression on Phonogram and Scott Pilgrim
[0:56:57] Planetary
[0:57:43] Unwritten
[0:58:57] North 40
[1:00:08] Welcome to Hoxford + Crossed
[1:02:04] The Stuff of Legend




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