Jesse’s E3 2010 Adventures PART 1

18 06 2010

For those who don’t know the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is the largest video game convention on the planet. Every year at the Los Angeles convention center, E3 brings the best and brightest to show off the next generation of gaming.  This year looked to be the biggest yet with a new Xbox 360 from Microsoft, Nintendo releasing a slew of first party gems, and Sony making it’s “Move.”  So after it’s all said and done, what stole the show? Let’s find out.

NOTE: I did not snag video, but what you are about to read is honest opinions from an honest gamer. Hopefully, that will make up for the lack of footage.

First stop was Capcom and the first playable demo of Marvel vs Capcom 3 : Fate of Two Worlds.

Now for those that have been following the site;  it’s widely known that we are huge Marvel vs Capcom 2 fans. (see our “Keep Thanos in Marvel vs Capcom 3 petition”)  And we have been watching this game closely with bated breath to see if the title will live up to our insanely high expectations. Now I can’t speak for the other guys, but from what I playedMVC3 delivers the goods just like it should, like a hadouken to the face.

The demo was being played on a beautiful HDTV and it immediately caught my eye. The visuals pop on the screen and with every action explode with color. You can definitely add MVC3 to the list of visually stunning fighting games. Now that’s not to say it doesn’t capture the spirit of the previous games, pretty much the opposite in fact.  The character models look fantastic and I can honestly say with no reservations: MVC3’s visually blows MVC2 out of the water, that’s right I said it. Don’t even get me started on the backgrounds in this game. Let’s just say you may be distracted at times by whats happening behind you, but in the best way possible.

The first time I got my hands on the game, I played on a arcade fighting pad and I must say it was very smooth. Some fans of MVC2 that are wary about Capcom using the control scheme for Capcom vs Tatsunoko have nothing to fear here at all. It plays just like the original. The team has done a fantastic job adapting the move set of the old characters and making it easy to pick up and play for vets and new comers alike.  I then played on the Xbox 360 controller. It plays almost identically to MVC2, so if you know those controls then your set.

Now to the fun stuff, the fighting. I’ll tackle the new characters first. Dante from the Devil May Cry series for Capcom is hands down the most impressive in the new batch of fighters. His move set is dynamic and tons of fun. The visual style for Dante just pops and his special moves will amaze, I assure you. On the Marvel side, Deadpool was quite a disappointment, but that I blame on it being a demo. I was informed by the people working the Capcom booth that in the finished game Deadpool’s move set will be very unique and match the characters crazy personality.  But for this demo he was very bland with simple punches and kicks, a couple gun moves, but sadly…no swords. Though, I can say that his ultimate moves were quite impressive. It’s hard to judge Deadpool at the moment, but I trust he will be a fighter to keep an eye on.  Also on the Capcom side, there was Chris Redfield from the Resident Evil series. He was surprisingly fun to play.  His moves rely on various weapons and a knife, which keeps things interesting and your opponent guessing. Mr. Redfield looks to be quite a solid fighter.

The returning characters in the demo were Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Ryu, Morrigan and Felicia. For the most part they all played the same, but there was some differences. Every fighter looks fantastic. The art style really compliments the fighters and makes them pop out of the screen. (especially Iron Man thank god, he looked quite rough in MVC2)  The controls for some of the fighters have changed slightly, though again, it could be because it was a demo. The fighters in question were Iron Man and Wolverine. For some reason a lot of Wolverines moves seemed to be missing and instead he kept doing this inane, jumping drill claw attack that I really hope gets fixed before release. Iron Man on the other hand was improved upon greatly. His move set is much better than the last game and I actually plan on using the character much more in the future.

Overall the game is looking amazing. It’s fast paced and exciting. Everyone who played it on the show flow had a smile on their face and I can’t wait to play this online.  Granted, it was a demo and is still a work in progress, but even from that alone it’s a day 1 purchase, without question. Marvel vs Capcom is back.

Next game I played was Power Gig, Rise of the SixString by Seven45 Studios.

Months before Rock Band 3 announced their six string real guitar peripheral, I heard about a little game called Power Gig. This game peaked my interest because of it’s at the time unique controller. It’s a real guitar, that’s right strings and all. Instead of colored buttons you have to hold down the strings on different parts of the fret board corresponding to the song your playing. Now you may think that’s all, but oh no, there’s more. You can actually plug the guitar into an amp and play, using the game itself to learn. Seeing the potential to teach people to play guitar in an interesting and new way made me want to try this game out, luckily it was on display at the show floor.

Housed inside a hip, mock rock club booth, I finally got my hands on the title and tried it out. The first thing I noticed is how good the guitar feels when you wear it around your neck and hold it in your hands. The weight makes it feel like you’ve stepped up to the big leagues of rock n’ roll. The song on display was “Kryptonite” by 3 Doors Down and it was an eye opening presentation on what the game can do.  Getting used to strumming with a pick takes a little time, but once you get into a groove it’s really fun. The mode I played on made it where I had to hold down a string in the correct color of the first three frets, the harder the mode the more frets and eventually it turns into the real chords. Even though I couldn’t try that out in the demo, the prospect made me very interested. Honestly, the only two wild cards about this game are going to be the presentation and track listing. During my playing time, I wasn’t paying very close attention on the background, but from what I did see looked pretty “eh” and since no solid track listing is out, it’s hard to judge there.  If you ever wanted to learn how to play guitar in a fun way or if your just bored with the music game genre in general, this game is the cure for your rockin’ blues. I can’t say right now if this game will be any better or worse than Rock Band 3, but with Power Gig’s $179.99 price tag and lack of solid track listings, it has steep hill to climb. Although, I do have faith in this title and I can honestly say I’ll be looking forward to it’s release in October 2010.

Well that’s part 1. Check back here soon for part 2, where I’ll talk about Zelda, Kinect, Fable III and more!



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