14 07 2010

Things are moving fast around here at The Fourth Wall and we thought we’d let our loyal readers/listeners in on some things coming very soon.

First up, Comics Podcast #95 will be up before you can blink (as long as you hold your eyes open for about a day). Plus, the final E3 article will be up hopefully sometime during the week. Sorry about the delay, but things have been all kinds of crazy and here’s the main reason why:

That’s right folks for those who haven’t heard, Art and I will be covering the event and we are totally there for you! And what I mean by that is, the type of coverage Art and I are shooting for is focused strictly on things we know our audience wants to see. So instead of getting mediocre coverage of the whole event, you, the Fourth Wall Faithful, will be getting detailed first looks and interviews for things that you’ve wanted all along, with none of that filler the other sites might try to give you.

So what’s to expect on the site in the weeks ahead? Well, starting next Wednesday we will be posting live from Comic-Con starting with articles. Then as the week goes on, we’ll post tons of exclusives including videos, interviews, podcasts and much more with guests so special, we don’t even know who they’ll be yet. And Facebook fans don’t feel left out, because we will be posting exclusive content just for those who “Like” The Fourth Wall, so if you’re not a fan on our Facebook Page yet, please join us now and don’t miss out.

As for the future, keep looking forward to more podcasts, interviews, sidecasts and all the geeky goodness right here at the main site.

Jesse @ The Fourth Wall




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