Just another TV Reminder…NBC’s Community

23 09 2010

Thursday September 23nd, 2010

Since already I’m behind on my own arbitrary set deadlines for these new premieres I’m going to review the notes I took during what’s already came out and then play DVR catch-up over the weekend with some full-length reviews on some of my favorites.

But for right now, I have a brief programming announcement.

The Season Premiere of Community airs tonight at 8/7c.

That’s pretty soon for me and even sooner for those in the East, and just speaking for myself, I can’t wait.

No really, I can’t. I’m re-watching past episodes, as I watch that awesome Comic-Con coverage, while I writing about love for the show while trying to get this up in time to remind some East Coaster who’s surfing around WordPress to remember to hop off once the show starts.

As a quick primer, I’ve been watching the show live since the pilot and liked it, but once I finished up with the Halloween episode, I fell in love.

In love with the cast. In love with the characters. The crew. With everything.

It’s my favorite comedy on television. And when I get the first season DVD, I’m sure that’ll be my favorite DVD.

I’ll tell you more, but it’s late and it’s better if you hear it from the cast themselves: HERE

Now I don’t want to get too much into this week’s season premiere (BETTY WHITE!) or that whole Big Bang Theory vs. Community debacle (Matt Uford from Warming Glow said it best: “Watch this show or be my enemy.” I don’t want don my battle armor just yet, seeing as this is the 21st Century and you can watch Community first and watch BBT later on DVR, but I’ll be ready in case the ratings go south.), so I’ll just say this.

Please watch.


8/7c. NBC. Tonight.

If you love it, this is just another reminder.

If you’ve never seen it. Give it a shot.




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