#1 – Uwe Boll

In the first episode of Sidecast, it’s Handsome Dan tag teaming with Jesse to take on Uwe Boll! The duo go over a few of his films and see if their as bad as every one says.

#2 – The Mindscape of Alan Moore

Handsome Dan and Jesse journey into the “Mindscape of Alan Moore“.

#3 – Religulous

Jesse and Handsome Dan talk about the Bill Maher documentary “Religulous“.

#4 – Death Note

In the fourth installment, Jesse and Handsome Dan talk all thing’s Death Note! Including the Manga, Anime and live action films.

#5 – Horror Movies

In the fifth installment, Art, Jesse and Handsome Dan kick off the Fourth Wall Recommendations with some Horror movie choices for this year’s Halloween.

#6 – Erotica

In the sixth installment, Art, Jesse and Handsome Dan talk about Zack and Miri Make A Porno and Lost Girls. (which is a like a porno, but for comics)

#7 – Politics

Art goes rouge and talks about politics and what it means to exercise your rights.

#8 – Dragonball

In the eighth installment, Handsome Dan, Jesse, and Art talk Dragonball.

#9 – Coraline

Art and Freddie talk about Coraline: the book, the comic, the film, the video game, and…the play!

#10 – Watchmen

Jesse and Art discuss Watchmen: Alan Moore’s masterpiece and Zack Snyder’s adaptation.

#11 – E3 2010

Sidecast returns with Jesse and John talking about E3 and other video game goodness!

#12 – Comic-Con 2010

After taking a week to recuperate, the gang talk about the best and worst moments of their San Diego Comic Con 2010 experience. Three comics that were released during the week of Comic Con are also discussed in this super sized, special edition, Sidecast!

#13 – Marvel vs. Capcom 3

In the return of Sidecast, Jesse, Freddie and Gary talk about all things Marvel vs. Capcom! Hear as they discuses their memories of Marvel Vs Capcom 2 and the release of the third title. Does the game live up to the guy’s expectations? Listen and find out!

#14 – The Fourth Wall Secret Origin

Ever wonder where the hell this site came from? Join Jesse, Freddie, Art and Danny as they reveal the secret origin of the Fourth Wall! Make sure to listen all the way to the end to hear something special.

#15 – Red State

Join the crew as they discuss Kevin Smith’s new film “Red State”. Do they end up fearing God? Or really long speeches? Listen and find out!

#16 – The Films of 2011

Remember 2011?
In this sidecast, Jesse, Art, Freddie, and Danny discuss the films of that fabled year.
Silent films, foreign films, action films, animated films, Uwe Boll films, and much more! Better late than never…

#17 – The Avengers

Even though you’ve probably seen The Avengers about a half-dozen times already, we think you should see it at least one more time with our commentary in the back of your mind.

One response

23 02 2009
Danny Leary

Drunk hansom Dan complaining about Dragon Ball Z is the BEST!!

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