17 06 2013

3 voices. 3 films. Freddie, Art, and Jesse discuss Straw Dogs, Mother’s Day, and Fright Night. Should you see the original, the remake, or just avoid them both like a leaping ear-less hillbilly she witch? Listen and find out. Also! Listen closely to the start of the podcast for a chance to win some free stuff!

Time Codes:
– [0:01:01] Intro
– [0:01:43] Contest Info
– [0:04:04] Straw Dogs
– [0:30:55] Mother’s Day
– [1:00:42] Fright Night
– [1:26:57] Outro

A Kick-Ass Trailer Finally Arrives

10 11 2009

The first trailer for Matthew Vaughn’s film adaptation of Mark Millar’s comic book “Kick-Ass” is finally here.

Be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Mark Millar, where he discusses the pre-production of the film and much more.