The Fourth Wall’s 100th Podcast Spectacular

26 08 2010

Jesse, Art, and Freddie host the 100th Podcast Spectacular featuring tons of special guests including: Cammy, Gary, Danny, John, and Seth! 8 dudes. 4 topics. 1 helluva podcast!


[01:07] COMICS

The Big Four

  • DC Universe: Legacies #4 (of 10) [02:07]
  • Secret Avengers #4 [06:23]
  • The Sixth Gun #3 (of 6) [13:52]
  • Ex Machina #50 [18:04]


  • We chat with Gary Sinister about how he achieved the top gamerscore in Xbox Live Arcade
  • We discuss upcoming games including: Scott Pilgrim, Halo Reach, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2, Dead Rising 2 and more!

[45:17] DVD/FILM

  • DVD Discussion: The Decline of DVD Purchases
  • Our Personal DVD Libraries

[1:11:31] TV

The Top Picks of the 2009/2010 Season

In Comedy:

  • Modern Family
  • The Office
  • Louie
  • Futurama

In Drama:

  • True Blood
  • Caprica
  • Justified


17 08 2010

I started playing video games when I was 3 years old. I remember clearly sitting in front of my grandma’s television playing Super Mario Brothers for the Nintendo Entertainment System. (NES for those in the know)  I was pulled into the world of gaming and haven’t looked back since.  The reason I bring this up is because my experience playing video games plays a huge part in my enjoyment of this film. In my mind, there is still a little boy still sitting there and after seeing Scott Pilgrim VS The World that boy stood up and cheered.

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