Fourth Wall Special Edition – Marvel’s Ultimate Universe

7 11 2008

Danny, Art and Jesse sit down and talk about the Marvel’s Ultimate Universe.

Fourth Wall Special Edition – Marvel’s Ultimate Universe

Ultimate Origins Event’s Revealed (Spoilers Inside)

9 05 2008

Thanks to a source (which can not be revealed) we have a list of all the major event happening in the upcoming Ultimate Origins storyline taking place in the Ultimate Universe.

For those who don’t know, this series will answer a lot of questions left unanswered and will be a perfect lead in to Ultimatum.

WARNING: This list does contain spoilers so if you would rather not know anything until the book comes out turn back now!

Highlight the respective areas to see.

  1. The Secret Origin of Wolverine
  2. Cap’s hidden secrets
  3. Cap’s origin and the origin of Nick Fury
  4. The origin of the Hulk is tied to the tragic and untimely deaths of the parents of Peter Parker
  5. The True Origin of Mutants
  6. How Charles Xavier met Magneto and the falling out that may be the downfall of all mutantkind
  7. The First Appearance of The Ultimate Watcher
  8. The End of the Fantastic Four
  9. Learn the never before revealed connection between the Ultimates, Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-man and Ultimate Fantastic Four
  10. New Ultimate Characters

Speaking of Ultimatum, here’s what to expect from that.


  1. Two books will end their historic runs.
  2. A major team will disassemble.
  3. Major characters will die.
  4. Everyone will be affected by these deaths.
  5. And every title will be altered by these event’s.